Philippe Beauparlant

Principal, ACIDO, RDI

Philippe Beauparlant’s forward-thinking and detail-oriented approach to residential architecture, product, and interior design offers tailored solutions for his clients that have been celebrated by numerous awards and featured in prominent online and print publications.

Born in Montreal, Philippe Beauparlant professionally trained as an industrial designer in Toronto graduating in 1997. He began his career designing for renowned furniture manufacturers and custom cabinetry firms.   After delivering a number of successful designs he was ready to apply his creative thinking to larger projects

He established Beauparlant Design Inc in 2003 as a firm offering interior design and architecture for private residences.  Valuing the principle that architecture and interiors are ultimately products for living, Philippe combines his methodical approach with a holistic philosophy to design interiors that realize the potential of the space and reflect how his clients want to live.

Philippe Beauparlant - award winning designer


We value the positive impact that meaningful design can have on individuals and organizations. At Beauparlant, we believe in developing objects, interiors and architecture with honest materials and enduring appeal.

We work in a contemporary context designing projects relevant to today’s methodology and social environment – striking a balance between innovation and practicality.Our forward thinking and holistic approach strives to improve people’s lives and create an emotional connection with their physical environment.