Laneway Carport Design


This laneway carport design concept is for a narrow and deep urban lot with laneway access. The small yard space has to fulfill many roles and the goal of this project is to compromise as little as possible and create a structure that strikes a balance between all of the spatial requirements. Parking space is of course a big asset in Toronto but this family also needed; storage, a little green space, an outdoor eating and cooking area and a vegetable garden to round out the wish list. This concept would be able to achieve all of these by making the parking structure open to the yard and convertible from parking pad to sheltered dining pavilion.



Green Roof Carport

Proposing a carport instead of a garage reduces the visual volume of the structure and keeps the sightlines open. An incorporated storage unit is fully enclosed for security. The roof is accessible by ladder and provides both intensive and extensive green roof mediums, a portion of which would be used as a vegetable garden. The existing one storey addition at the rear of the residence is also improved with an extensive green roof. The remaining rear yard is divided as a stone terrace area, garden and a wood deck leading from the house.


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