Reaching a new audience with Houzz

As a designer there are many places where I could showcase and promote my work.  Aside from my own website there are a number of social sites or platforms that can be interesting.  It is often difficult to assess the benefit or impact these could have.  One site I recently started using is the tremendously popular Houzz.  Initially I was reluctant to use yet another forum to feature all of the same content currently found on my own website, however what makes this interesting is really from a user perspective.  Houzz is easy to search on a number of platforms and strictly showcases residential projects.   Let’s just say I have been surprised at the reach and exposure it is bringing.

Beauparlant Design on Houzz

Searching for an Interior Designer Toronto?

You can narrow down your search in a number of ways; room type, style, geographical location etc.  It’s also possible to search for design professionals involved in the projects and search for interior designer Toronto or Architects & Designers Toronto.  Even if the content is the same as shown on my website, in this version it can be viewed alongside other local projects or comparable styles.  Perfect for individuals trying to define what they like or even dislike, they can ask questions and save images to their ideabooks much like Pinterest.

Featured Kitchen of the week

Shortly after uploading images and content, my cabbagetown project was selected as the kitchen of the week by Houzz editorial staff.  Working in residential interiors, the projects I’m involved with are generally the result of a collaboration between the client and myself.  I don’t often get feedback from the public on these private homes.  It is fascinating for me to see how these projects are received on Houzz.

Houzzers really like this images… Added to 5k ideabooks and counting.

Interesting feedback

It is very interesting to see which projects resonate with people and what features seem to draw the most attention.  By far the two standout projects are the Cabbagetown residence and the riverdale loft.  Most comments are also positive which is refreshing to read.  Often case these open platforms offer too much anonymity and give individuals the freedom to speak negatively without justification.  That said it is humorous to read how passionate people are about how others live or their personal tastes.

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