Leslieville renovation – Space Planning

This is the space planning for the main floor of our Leslieville renovation project.
In the original plan we see the sink and cook-top on one side of the kitchen with the refrigerator and wall oven the opposite side. There is a small counter between the refrigerator and wall oven primarily occupied by the microwave. Because of the limited counter space on the south side, this kitchen is optimized for one cook, additional counter space would be beneficial.

There is a window above the sink with a limited view and very little natural light because of the proximity to the adjacent house. The bathroom located on the way to the dining room is not badly situated but the separation from the kitchen could be improved. A shower in the bathroom is strange for the ground floor and is probably a remnant of the rooming house past.

Kitchen space planning, beauparlant design

The solution

The biggest impact comes from 3 big changes. The first is removing the brick chimney between the living room and kitchen. This will increase visibility between the two spaces and add a secondary counter space. The second change is removing the shower in the bathroom and reducing the space to a more appropriate powder room giving more counter length in the kitchen. The last big change is moving the closet from the dining room to the unused space across the powder room. This last change will move the access to powder room in more of a transitional space out of the kitchen.

Other changes to the cabinetry, basement access and day-lighting will improve the functionality and usability of the kitchen.

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