What to do with your garbage bins in Toronto

A few years ago, the city of Toronto adopted a new format and program for the waste, recycling and organic bins.  Much like any change, this required some adjustment for the residents to handle the new garbage bins in Toronto.  This was a particular challenge for older neighborhoods in the urban core to find a space to keep the new bins in close proximity but out of site.  For my own residence in Leslieville, I placed special consideration towards accommodating the new bins when I rebuilt my front porch.  The bins are now hidden under a bench structure and are accessed both from the top for easy loading and from the back when wheeling them to the street.

Garbage Bins Toronto

Garbage Bins Toronto


All the bins are now out of sight and can hardly be seen from the sidewalk, yet still remain easily accessible.  This might not be the right solution for every home, but I hope it inspires others to find creative solutions for their garbage bins in Toronto.


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