Alcina Avenue

Type: Private Residence – Toronto, Hillcrest
Completed: 2014

This home was built as an infill project in the 80s, the interior had some great ideas of interconnected space, but it was due for some fresh ideas.  Beauparlant worked with the homeowners to redesign the main floor.   Some of the challenges focused on the cramped front entrance and a heavy and dysfunctional kitchen.

The intervention was strategic with the programing of the main floor to remain as previously planned. Improving sightlines, functionality and everyday liveability was the primary focus.  Visitors are now greeted by an inviting south facing reading nook, a space that was previously intended as the dining room.  The kitchen was maintained as a central focal point to the house and was expanded to offer a more generous island and optimized storage. Bulky framed island with counter height was were removed to open and lighten the sightlines.   The new dining room acts as a division between the kitchen and the family room at the rear of the house.

The project has transformed how the homeowners interact in the space.  By liberating the dining table from the constraints of the entry way, it is now possible to host larger gatherings.  The entry foyer now has proper volume of storage and the charming library as you enter is a showcase of the owner’s love of book and academia.


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