Front Street

Type: Private Condo Residence – Toronto
Completed: 2015

We don’t often get requests for condos but when the homeowners told me about their plans with this one, I knew it was going to be a great project.  The homeowners lived in a house in Riverdale and were downsizing to a condo at Market Square across from St-Laurence market.  Having been built in the early 80s the condo had been untouched for the most part and represented a clean slate of opportunities.

Condos offer different challenges and limitations and most of my design interventions on this project were only going to be cosmetic, however I did use the opportunity to address some strategic changes to the layout.   The most dramatic changes are in the front entry where partition walls were realigned to improve sightlines and expand the kitchen.  As you enter, the lowered ceiling area and darker tones creates a sense of intimacy leading to an illuminate art cove.

The biggest challenge was in updating the lighting,  the concrete ceiling at a very average 8’ offered limited opportunities.  To increase the appearance of height, I created a light cove around the kitchen volume, the indirect light bouncing off the ceiling makes the space feel airy and bright.

This renovated apartment is going to be my client’s home for years to come and they were not afraid of making bold statements reflecting their life experience and travels.  The deep red of the kitchen and the lapis lazuli stone of the fireplace all speak towards their desire to create something unique and powerful. It was a pleasure creating such a unique space for them.

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