Logan Avenue

Project Type: Private Loft Residence, Toronto Riverdale
Completed: 2011

Originally built for the Bell telephone company and later used as a blueprint factory, this Toronto building was converted into residential lofts in 2001. Our client approached us to improve spatial flow and address a number of dysfunctional details on the main level of the 3 storey apartment.

The project focus included design of the kitchen, living area and dining space. The initial observation was that the kitchen layout and furniture orientation did not take advantage or fully embrace the open plan and scale of the main level. Preliminary planning revealed a need to reconfigure the kitchen and remove the wood burning fireplace; these were the two primary gestures made in the project.

The renovation was an opportunity to extend truncated bulkheads, upgrade and reposition mechanical systems and correct problems with the original wood floors. The kitchen was realigned and extended under the stairs to create a better path of travel and spatial division. Custom millwork, natural finishes and muted colours were used to create a more cohesive space. Modern furniture combined with colourful accents create inviting conversational seating in the living area, while monochromatic cabinets and tiles in the kitchen calm and integrate the large extent of storage.

The space is now more unified in its interior architecture with less visual clutter. How one travels or is introduced to the space is more fluid and less impeded by cabinetry and furnishings. At a glance the space is welcoming and attractive but on daily interaction it reveals functionality for the client, and draws enjoyment from everyday life.

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